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Joint Replacement Surgery

For patients who need it, surgeons at Dickson-Diveley Orthopaedics perform joint replacement surgery – also known as arthroplasty – to restore damaged bones and cartilage. From total and partial replacements to reverse shoulder procedures and even Makoplasty robotic-arm assisted joint replacement, our goal is to relieve pain and restore mobility for our patients. Artificial joints, called prostheses, are designed to work and move like your natural joint, and are customizable to your needs. More information about joint replacement is provided below.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Watch Dr. Scott Wingerter explain more about hip replacement:

Watch Dr. Nicholas Ting explain anterior hip replacement:

Knee Replacement Surgery

Dr. Wingerter explains total and partial knee replacement surgery as treatment options for patients with severe knee pain caused by conditions like knee arthritis, knee injury and more:

Dr. Thomas Shriwise explains partial knee replacement surgery, including advantages, disadvantages, what to consider before surgery and more:

Dr. Ting explains Makoplasty, robotic-arm assisted surgery for joint replacement:

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Watch Dr. Charles Rhoades to learn more about total shoulder replacement:

Dr. Lowry Jones explains reverse total shoulder arthroplasty:

In addition to the procedures mentioned above, our surgeons also perform joint replacement for fingers, ankles and elbows. Call 913-319-7600 for more information.