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Arm and Elbow Pain Relief

We use our arms and elbows to drive, work, eat and perform hundreds of other necessary tasks on a daily basis. When you have pain, numbness or tingling in your elbow or arm, it can slow you down and make these tasks difficult to manage.

Arm and Elbow Conditions

The board-certified surgeons of Dickson-Diveley Orthopedics treat a wide variety of common orthopedic injuries and conditions that can cause pain or numbness in the arm or elbow, including:

Arm and Elbow Treatments

Depending on your diagnosis, nonsurgical treatment may be an option. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons and doctors provide a wide range of treatment options for arm and elbow pain and problems.

Dr. Charles Rhoades discusses elbow injuries in youth sports – causes, symptoms and treatment options, including Tommy John surgery:

Dr. Mark Winston discusses elbow traumas, including elbow dislocations and elbow fractures, and possible treatment options associated with each condition:

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