Frequently Asked Questions after Foot and Ankle Surgery

The following post-op information is provided by James Halloran, MD, orthopedic surgeon.

What should I expect after foot surgery or ankle surgery?

Most commonly, after foot and ankle surgery, your extremity will be immobilized in either a cast or a splint. This device will be left on until your first postoperative appointment in 10-14 days.

The purpose of the dressings and cast or splint is to protect your wounds and hold your foot and ankle in position after surgery.

When will I return for follow-up after foot or ankle surgery?

Your first post-operative visit will be scheduled approximately 10-14 days after the date of surgery.

If no appointment time has been set up at the time of discharge from the hospital, please call 913-319-7600 to schedule an appointment.

How much pain will I have after foot or ankle surgery?

Pain is a common occurrence after any type of surgery. Each patient tolerates pain differently. You will be sent home following your foot or ankle surgery with adequate pain medications.

It is very important to take your pain medications on a scheduled basis to avoid unnecessary pain from waiting too long. Start your pain medications before the surgical block wears off, so your pain will already be under control.

Please monitor your pain level after surgery, as well as any adverse reaction to the medications. Please call us at 913-319-7600 if you are having any difficulty.

The pain medications that you will receive are:

  • Oxycontin 10 mg (long-acting pain relief)
  • Percoset 5/325mg (short-acting pain relief)
  • Colace 100mg (stool-softener)
  • Zofran 4mg (anti-nausea)
  • Aspirin 325mg (DVT/Blood clot prevention)

How active can I be after foot or ankle surgery?

Once you have discharged from the hospital, you will not be able to put any weight on your foot and ankle. Remember, you will be in a postoperative cast or splint that is not made for walking.

At your follow-up visit, you will have the cast or splint changed and your weight-bearing activity increased based on your healing. Activities and increasing your weight-bearing is determined on an individual basis.

Please remember: Do NOT bear weight until you are told to do so; this could injure your foot or ankle or cause increased pain.