Trigger Finger: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Many people who regularly repeat certain finger and thumb movements, particularly pinching-style movements, are at risk of developing Trigger Finger (a.k.a. stenosing tenosynovitis). Trigger finger is an orthopedic condition that involves inflammation and swelling around the tendons that bend the finger. The … Continued

Meet Annie Muehlberger, APRN, RN

As a nurse practitioner, Annie Muehlberger works alongside Dr. Brian Divelbiss and Dr. Mark Winston to care for patients with conditions affecting the hand, wrist, arm and elbow. She has worked in orthopedics since completing her master’s degree in nursing from Walden University in … Continued

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [Video]

As a hand, wrist and upper extremity surgeon, one of the most common conditions that I treat is carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that is often associated with numbness of the hands. This numbness can get worse with certain activities … Continued